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Calibrated Broadcast Displays

We use Flanders Broadcast Reference monitors which are calibrated to tight tolerances regularly at Flanders Scientific in Alpharetta, GA


Live Session iPads

We ship our iPads cross country for clients who would like to have a live color grading experience without having to book a in-person session.

These iPads are matched and our remote live stream is calibrated to REC709 specification via SDI output.


High Powered Workstations

Sodalite utilizes highly tuned Macintosh workstations, including:


3.46ghz 12-core Mac Pro with 96GB of ram, RAID performance, and internal ATI Radeon VII GPU acceleration

Dedicated Mac Mini for live session streaming

A portable workstation utilizing an

8-core 2019 Macbook Pro 16" with 800MBps SSD RAID performance.


Projection Theatre

Our projection theatre uses an Epson 5040ub and a 120" 1.0 gain screen in a light controlled room.


It is calibrated externally via a LUT box for Rec709 for client review. Perfect for auditioning festival screeners and seeing any finished project on a big screen! 7.1 Surround Sound featuring Martin Logan speakers and SVS ported subwoofers

This main suite can seat up to 10 people comfortably.



Bailey is a 4 year old Puggle (pug/beagle), with some suspected Jindo in him as well.


He was adopted from Korea via Korean K9 rescue and is highly food motivated, but is very quiet and polite. He likes being pet and cuddled and meeting new friends, especially humans.

Bailey is approximately 21 lbs and 21 inches long from snout to rear. He is fairly portable and easy to handle.

Let us know if you're allergic! Otherwise Bailey will be supervising most in-person sessions as an advisor.


New York / Los Angeles

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