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Tam Le Colorist Color Grading NYC Brooklyn

About Us
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About Us

Sodalite is a rich royal blue mineral widely used as an ornamental gemstone. Varieties of Sodalite exhibit tenebrescence, which is the the tendency to change color when exposed to different types of light.


Stones containing Sodalite often appear dull and lifeless until illuminated, at which point their luster can be seen glowing from within.

Sodalite Color provides premium and personalized color grading and finishing services to films, television shows, and commercials.

We're here to help reveal the brilliance within your image.

Who We Are
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Professional Color Grading

DCP & Blu Ray Authoring

or Digital Delivery

Digital Projection

Mini Theatre

Supervised Sessions or Live Off-Site Remote

All Modes of Final Delivery For Your Projects

Rec709 Calibrated for Client Review

Enjoy an intimate collaboration in our elegant suite, (puppy included) or have one of our calibrated iPads sent to you for real-time remote productivity.

We specialize in extremely fast remote turnarounds as well as meticulous in-person look-building and pre-visualization.

We're here to serve the story.

Have your audio mix sent to us for final finishing in suite. Physical and digital DCP creation is at your fingertips.

Our suite is outfitted with digital projection, 7,1 surround sound, and can accommodate groups of up to 10. Have that final review of your festival submission Blu Ray, or bring your clients to see the final finish on a 110" screen

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New York / Los Angeles

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